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Top 5 Questions Before You Hire a Web Designer

When it comes to bringing your website vision to life, a professional web designer can help. But before you hire a web designer, you should ask them the right questions to make sure they have the experience, knowledge, and skills to make your project a success.


What Type of Website Are You Designing?

If you know what kind of websites the designer has made before, you can decide if they are the right person for your project. Do they specialize in e-commerce sites, blogs, portfolios, or other types of websites? Ask for examples of their work to understand their style and capabilities.

programming language

Additionally, ask about the web designer’s experience with development and programming languages. If you’re building a complex website or interface, you’ll need someone well-versed in HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and other relevant coding languages. If a web designer needs to gain the skill set required for your project’s functionalities and goals, looking for another candidate who can offer this expertise is best.

Before you hire a web designer, you should know what kind of website or interface you need. Are you creating an eCommerce website that needs an online payment integration? Are you creating a content management system (CMS) for your business? Is the project more image-heavy with lots of dynamic galleries and videos? It’s essential to know your goals before you start talking to designers so that they can give you accurate estimates of time, costs, and requirements. Also, if they offer backend development (like changing the source code), ask what programming language they prefer.


How Will You Approach This Project?

A good web designer will take the time to create a personalized approach for each project. Ask them about their methods and strategies, like user experience design, responsive design, and SEO optimization. 

action plan

You could also ask if they have any special tools or processes that help them analyze and develop better methods. Understanding their process can give you insight into how they work and how well they’ll be able to meet your project goals.

It is also essential to discuss the timeline and cost of the project. A professional web designer should be able to estimate how long the job, including any changes, will take to finish. Ask about their payment process, ensuring that both parties agree on when they will make payments and what parts of the project warrant more financial consideration than others. By talking through these details beforehand, you’ll better understand what your collaboration will look like before signing a contract.

Be sure to ask the prospective web designer what their approach is to website design and development. Do they specialize in particular areas, such as WordPress or eCommerce? What platforms do they use when building and hosting websites? What editing tools do they typically use when creating graphics or layouts? It would help if you also asked them how familiar they are with the latest technologies and trends, such as mobile-friendly design (responsive web design). By asking these questions, you’ll find out if their experience fits your project’s goals, which will help you decide who to hire.


Do You Have Experience With Similar Design Projects?

It’s critical to find out if a possible web designer has previously worked on projects similar to yours. Ask questions like, “What kind of websites have you designed?” or “Do you have experience with e-commerce sites?” Knowing they have experience working with your type of project can give you peace of mind and assurance that they can produce the quality work you seek.

Additionally, it would help if you asked them to provide examples of relevant work for your project. A good web designer should quickly point you to a few projects they have completed in the past. These past works help you understand their design style, which can help you decide if they’re suited for the job. Asking for samples is also helpful because it will indicate whether their portfolio is up-to-date and creative. A professional web designer should always strive to produce cutting-edge designs that meet modern industry standards.

Additionally, asking your web designer questions about their experience is essential. While the samples of their work can give hints about their skills, the tangible evidence and details of their experience should come in the form of anecdotes. Ask them if they have worked on design projects like yours before and if they know the specific requirements for your project. That will give you a better idea of their confidence in your project. Other web design areas like coding and SEO optimization may be necessary for your needs.

Can I See Examples of Your Previous Work? 

Asking to see examples of a web designer’s past projects is one of the most important questions you can ask. It allows you to get an idea of their style and talent and review the quality of their work. Before hiring them, you can look at their portfolio to see if it fits your idea and vision for your website.

Before asking for examples of their work, you should discuss the scope of your project in detail. What is the purpose of your website? Are there any specific requirements or features it must contain? It will help you narrow down the list of possible designers and let you ask them better questions about how they’ve built similar sites in the past. Examples of past projects are a great way to determine if they have made websites with a similar design and function before without having to trust them on their word alone.

When requesting to see previous work examples, be sure to ask them for testimonials or reviews from past customers so you can get an idea of their experience working with clients. It’s also essential to make sure the designer has access to these websites so they can see how they work and make sure they’re still up-to-date with the latest technology. When you look at a web designer’s live portfolio, you can see how well they can design and program your website project, whether a complex eCommerce solution or a simple blog.

What Is Your Timeline and Process For Completion? 

Have a clear idea of the timeline and process your web designer will use to design your website. To keep the project on track, inquire about their project management software, timeline, and milestones. This information provided upfront helps ensure the project remains on schedule and within budget.

Additionally, ask your web designer what communication tools they use to keep both of you up to date on the project’s progress. Do they like to talk through email or a third-party program like Asana or Trello? What kind of updates can you expect to receive, and how often? It’s also important to discuss what feedback loops are in place for the creative design process and the website development before launch. Understanding progress and communicating it helps resolve concerns promptly, keeping the project on schedule.

A designer should also discuss clear expectations about the timeline and process for completion. What is their typical timeframe for project completion? How quickly can they respond to emails or requests from you? Can you expect quick responses in hours or days? When do they usually begin working on projects after the agreement? Setting deadlines and milestones based on your project timetable is vital so all parties can manage expectations.


When finding the right web designer for your project, the questions listed above are just a few you need to ask. The answers to these questions will help ensure your security, knowing that your website is being designed and developed by a professional and highly-experienced team. 

At Web Design CM, we proudly answer queries with absolute assurance and enthusiasm. We understand every project we work on is unique, with different requirements and timelines, which is why our process allows us to address even the most specific targets with an exceptional attention. So, if you’re wondering where to start when it comes to hiring a web designer, look at us at Web Design CM. 

Contact us today and book an appointment with us—we’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.


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