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Web Design and
Optimization Services in Los Angeles

Bring your brand online and start reaching the digital masses with effective web design and development specifically tailored for your success.

Web Services We Offer at WebDesigCM

Ensuring your brand’s ability to reach your target audience comes with a series of web design and development strategies and techniques for the best online presence. WebDesignCM offers comprehensive services that incorporate tried and tested digital marketing strategies and specifically design campaigns based on your brand’s identity and goals. Connect with us and find the most appropriate services for your brand.

Web Audit and Maintenance

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Our web audit and maintenance services have a specific focus on ensuring that your website is functioning optimally and all components are working. With a combination of SEO and web design analysis, our team analyzes your existing website to find components that may be improved for better performance. Here’s how our services work:

Client Goal Setting

Before WedDesignCM starts with the website audit, we will communicate with your team to set goals and align with your expectations and brand needs. We will brief you on our process and what we will do with the website audit so you will have a transparent background on what we will be doing. We may also ask for permission to better access your website’s analytics to understand your website’s traffic and target customers.

Customer Experience Audit

Our team will then audit your website’s overall impression for first-time visitors and returning customers. This step will focus mainly on your site’s appearance, including design, ease of access, navigation, and the overall structure of your website - whether it’s comprehensive enough for a new customer to find what they’re looking for or not.

Technical Website Audit

WebDesignCM will then analyze the internal workings of your website, such as your use of plug-ins, programming, crawlability, and overall search engine optimization. We will also monitor your site’s traffic and see which pages yield better traffic and which ones may need improvement or redesigns to accommodate your audience better.

Client Briefing and Updates

Our team will then present a complete report of the internal and external website audits, so you will see which aspects your website performs best in and which may need overhauls. Our specialists will also present an action plan to optimize your website's function and searchability, from website redesigns to better content production.

Website Revision

Once you review the action plan and give us the green light, our team will start working on correcting the technical aspects of your website, such as updating your website components and plug-ins, establishing better links, and monitoring your site’s performance on some of the most trusted analytics platforms.

Web Design and Development

Are you looking for an agency in Los Angeles that can develop and design a website for your brand, or maybe a team that can redesign an existing one? WebDesignCM offers both of these services and is well-experienced in delivering modern, responsive, and high-performing websites to our clients. Here’s what you can expect with our web design services:


We will meet with your team to align the development with your web design plans. You can list your preferences for the color theme, font styles, navigational tools you want to set up on your website, and other features you’d like to see.


Presenting a mock website is our way to get comments, suggestions, and possible process corrections from the clients. The developer will then revise the mock website until all components are up to your standard.

Approval and Website Setup

Once your team approves all the aspects of the drafts, we can then set up your website and get it live as soon as possible.

Turnover and
Final Briefing

Finally, we will turn over your site to your management and brief your team on how all the website components work, so you’ll be able to maintain and update the plug-ins to maintain the best performance.

Website Optimization

Your website’s operations largely depend on your user experience and retention. With digital users having hundreds or even thousands of options for the services you offer, making them click on your website and keeping them is extremely crucial for your overall performance. Our web optimization services can enhance critical website elements to improve user experience and effectively lead them down the purchase funnel. Here’s how our process works:

Website Analysis

WebDesignCM will conduct a thorough website analysis to measure your site’s performance through key metrics, including user experience, website traffic, and load speed. This analytics report will give you a rough overview of your website’s strong points and areas that may be harming your website’s traffic and conversion rates.

Client Meeting

Our specialists will conduct a meeting with your team to discuss our findings and present possible solutions to the issues we found. You may also communicate your brand’s goals, whether you want better conversion rates or higher newsletter sign-ups. The information provided will help our team design a website optimization campaign that can deliver.

Web Optimization

After our team is briefed and given the go-signal, we will optimize your website’s elements to improve site load speed, promote site discoverability through effective SEO, and boost your site’s authority and credibility.

Blog Content Production

What drives website authority and customer loyalty? Relevant content. When you pinpoint your target audience, you need to know what they’re looking for on search engines, so that you can optimize the content that you’re putting out there. With our blogging services, we can help your Los Angeles brand build your online portfolio, establish better back links, and optimize your web content for maximum website traffic and audience interaction. Here’s how our content process works:

Keyword Research

Our SEO writers will conduct thorough research and analysis on your industry and competitors to find the best keywords to target for your website’s content and blogs.

Content Plan and Strategy

Our copywriters will write compelling articles that are relevant to your target audiences.

Blog Writing

We have a team of highly- qualified SEO writers that will create content based on the monthly post plan. We can boost your online presence and reach more audiences by targeting keywords relevant to your clients’ industries!

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