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Why Good Web Design Matters To Your Business


Web designs are like your “business card” online. If it looks great with clear details, uses the right font size and colors, and looks professional, then clients are surely out to flock toward you.  As a business owner, who doesn’t want that right? In this article, we’ll discuss 4 reasons why quality web design matters to your business.


1. It makes a good first impression.


People go to websites to look for information. However, what they usually see first is not the content they came for…but instead how good or bad the website looks. This is a crucial point where visual design matters more than the actual content. 

According to a study, it only takes 0.5 seconds for visitors to form an impression of your web design alone. In just a split second, visitors judge your business website and decide whether it’s worth exploring or not. Of course, one with a good web design gets a good first impression and a chance to get explored. This helps your business attract customers and gain more leads. On the other hand, a bad web design discourages visitors to browse more of the site and gets abandoned for a better-looking competitor website. 


2. It's essential for branding purposes.


Strong branding is no doubt a key factor for business success, and a good web design serves as your visual ace card to show customers what your business can offer. This is a great way to draw in customers and connect them to what you offer. 

When potential customers first land on your site, they are immediately exposed to the brand. This means that if your website looks dull, unprofessional, and lackluster, it can be difficult to persuade people to trust you and buy from you. A well-designed website will look sleek and professional, instilling confidence and trust among potential customers. 

A good web design enhances customer experience in website navigation.

3. It enhances customer experience in website navigation.


Good web design isn’t just about having a visually-appealing website, but also targeting to have a functional one. A good web design allows visitors to have a great and smooth experience in navigating from one feature to another on the website. It also allows customers to spot necessary details and information easily, including contact details, order forms, etc. Combining all these, quality web design works to enhance the overall customer experiences of both existing and potential customers. This goes to show that the visual aspect of the web design is one that gets customers through the door, but the functionality aspect is what makes them stay and stick to the site. 

4. It increases traffic, sales, and conversion rates.


With amazing visual design and a user-friendly interface, quality web designs allow visitors to stick to your site after clicking through it. More traffic comes when visitors find your website sleek and appealing. On the one hand,  easy navigation makes customers completely engaged with the website, increasing their interest in it.

As they continue to enjoy scrolling and browsing through your site, your products and services may also start to look appealing to them. Ultimately, this leads them to buy or avail whatever your business has to offer. In the end, you not just get more traffic, but also more sales. And at the very least, you get to increase your brand awareness more than ever!


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